How do you convert MIDI tracks to audio in Cubase Pro 12?

I have tried every intuitive thing I can think of to record (convert) a MIDI track into audio. In Cubase 10 this was part of export. The topic isn’t even covered in the Operations Manual for 12.

Hi, Did you try render in place?

no. I didn’t see a definition for “render.”

It’s under the edit menu in cubase pro, not sure about other versions. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you I will review ‘rendering’

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To open the Render Tracks dialog, deselect all events in the Project window, and select one or more audio tracks, instrument tracks, or MIDI tracks, and select Edit > Render in Place > Render Settings.

The answer depends on whether you want to convert a midi track that is sent to some external gear or whether you want to convert a virtual instrument.

External gear would require to create an audio track and set its input to the audio Input Bus to which your external instrument is connected.
A virtual instrument should be convertable with the function render in place.