How do you convert Nuendo Project to differnt Audio Card?

I have a Nuendo project form a friend he wants me to finish for him. His audio driver is “usb asio.” Whenever I try to use the mic in his project on my computer I get pops and clicks as soon as I talk into the mic, without the projec even in play or record mode, just speaking. My driver is the latest “M-Audio Profire 2626.” When I cnvert back to his driver, no pops and clicks when I speack into the mic. Using his unit is not an option. Is theree any way I can convert and finsh is project to my sound card? Eventhough I have the profire souncard, when I expand the Nuenodo mixer the buses read that of his soudcoard, (usb-asio). I’ve all ready went into VST-Connections and mad sure it’s my sound card (M-Audio Porfire 2626). Is there any way to remedy these pops and clicks, even before I start recording? Just speaking into the mic causes them.

I’m using Nuendo 5.5 & Windows 7 Ultimate, Ouad core Extreme Intel Processor (3.0 Ghz). Thank you-

Once you’ve changed the I/O settings to your card, there should be no issue with pops and clicks.

Not sure how you can ‘convert back to his driver’ on your computer? I guess you have a generic USB ASIO driver on your computer

Check the latency setting.

It sounds as if the USB Asio driver actually works better than the M-Audio one. No great surprise there, then.