How Do You Create A MIDI Remote Script For An X-Y Pad?

I have a KORG nanoPAD2 and I have all of the pads laid out in a new MIDI Remote script I am making. It has 16 visible pads but 4 scenes which gives me 64 pads I can script.

I am assuming that an X-Y pad would be scripted as multiple faders but I don’t know. If I select to insert a fader, as soon as I slide my finger on the pad multiple fader buttons begin randomly dropping into place. How am I suppose to do this?

I originally was thinking one fader at the top horizontal and one horizontal fader at the bottom, then a vertical fader on the left and a vertical fader on the right.

I know that would not cover everything. Does an X-Y pad automatically become a VST Quick Control when an instrument is opened?

Need help, thanks!

I don’t have an answer (yet) but

  • was it exactly 4 objects that were generated?

  • Are they truly X-Y pads, or something more complex? I ask because I have a device that outputs different CCs depending on where you apply pressure to the pad.

OK, I just tried to map it again and moved my finger over every spot on the XY pad. 3 items have been created. I set one as a button and two as faders.

When you place your finger on the pad it activates/triggers the button and then immediately moves to one of the faders even if you just touch the pad without moving your finger. The two faders respond, one to horizontal movement and the second to vertical movement. As soon as you lift your finger off of the pad it quickly leaves the fader at activates/triggers the button once again.

I’m not sure how to best map these. Obviously only two faders will not adequately cover what is happening on an X-Y pad. The button responding as though it is turning something on and off, it seems. Moving around on the pad (at least when setting it up) moves only one fader at a time. If it could move both faders at the same time when you are moving diagonally it might could work and interpret your movement as a diagonal movement, giving a more clear representation of where your finger actually is on the pad.

Not sure what would be best to do with this information as far as mapping goes.

Do you know what data exactly is coming from that control?

There might be a config inside the unit also… fwiw

If it’s sending two separate CCs for X and Y (plus one for pressure), it should definitely move both faders. Have you tried it after closing the surface editor? The faders should be shown moving. Also, I think you need to put them into „Jump“ Mode in the mapping assistant.

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I did check after I edited and they are moving together now. I’ll look into Jump Mode. I don’t know what that is.

Hi there!

As far as I remember, the NanoPad generates three MIDI CC:

  1. X - axis
  2. Y - axis
  3. something like pressure

You most probably want to assign X and Y. The problem is, that when you touch the pad, you almost always generate 3 different MIDI CC. What we can do, is trying to trick the MIDI Learn from the MIDI API as follows:

  1. Open the Korg Kontrol Editor with Nanopad connected.
  2. Select the touchPad and set the same MIDI CC the all three parameters generated by the touchpad.

Here you can se how to set up MIDI CC for the XY-Pad:

  1. open the Cubase MIDI API and MIDI learn this controller to a fader
  2. repeat step 1, using a different MIDI CC, open Cubase MIDI API and MIDI learn to a second fader
  3. once again, repeat step 1, with yet another MIDI CC…

Your MIDI API now should show three elements corresponding to the three controllers.

  1. Open KORG Kontrol Editor again.
  2. Set the X-axis to the first MIDI CC you used
  3. Set y-Axis to the second MIDI CC you used
  4. Same with the third…
  5. Open MIDI API and it should work.

Hope this helps (and that it works…).

The Takeover-Mode in the Mapping Assistant. Because your two faders should operate like one absolute control, you probably don’t want it to scale values or make it wait for you to pick the value up.

I can’t do anything with The Takeover-Mode in the Mapping Assistant until the faders have been assigned a function.

I went into the Global Settings and disabled Touch/Release which enables you to send a message when you do just that, touch and release the pad. I do not see a need for that in what I am wanting to do with the controller.

The X & Y Axis faders work together but I am not sure what Cubase function they should be mapped to. I own Studio One as well and it recognizes the X Y movement in an instrument by default. I didn’t see Cubase doing this so it will need to be mapped to a function.

The programming manual for the controller list the information below…

You can specify the type, control change number, and polarity of the messages that are assigned to the X-axis and Y-axis.

Assign Type [No Assign/CC/Pitch Bend]:
This specifies the type of messages that are assigned to the X-axis and Y-axis. Choose from the following: disabled, control change messages, or pitch bend messages.

Control Change Number [0…127]:
This specifies the control change number of the control change message that is transmitted.

Polarity [Normal/Reverse]:
This specifies the polarity of the values for the X-axis and Y-axis of the X-Y pad.

The pad will operate in the conventional way. On the X-axis, values will be smaller at the left and greater at the right. On the Yaxis, values will be smaller at the bottom and greater at the top.

The high and low values will be inverted. On the X-axis, values will be greater at the left and smaller at the right. On the Y-axis, values will be greater at the bottom and smaller at the top.

Did you get it to work as X-Y or are you using it as 2 sliders to control 2 diffferent parameters?