How do you create an empty FMLab patch?

Is there a way to create an empty FM Lab patch?

I’m new to Halion but it seems like I can only create an empty Init FM Synth or load FM Lab presets from MediaBay. Some other instruments like Skylab have an “Init Skylab” preset that I can use as a blank slate, but FM Lab does not seem to have one.

Is there a standard way of doing this or should I just load a patch, then set every parameter to its default value and then save it as my own custom “Init FM Lab” patch?


There is an Init layer preset. Just change the preset type to Layer in media bay.


Thanks, that was it. I can’t believe I missed it, back to RTFM. What confused me was searching for “Init” revealed a bunch of barebones “Init” things in programs but I didn’t even realize there were many more left in layers :smiley: