How do you create an empty midi part to start enter notes manually?

Just curious for future use, I had to record a short clip to get access to any editor at all.
Or you pick from another project is an option, and clear that.

I looked in manual on various words.
Create midi I think could be done in chord editor, if I read it right.

Looked for a macro of some sort, no go.

I’m sure I just don’t know what Steinberg call it - would be weird if you can’t…

Just draw an emply section with the pencil tool, then double-click it.

With pencil tool, ahhhh, thank you.

You can also use the left and right locators (the things you use to loop a section). Just double click the blue area created by the locators and an empty MIDI part will show up between them.

Thank you too.

Found in manual eventually - Draw tool.
Seems you can Alt drag-select in empty spot on midi track too(if select is active tool).

We live and learn…