How do you create tempo events without changing them?

Lets say the tempo map is 143. I want to insert points at certain places so it is still 143 but then I can make fine adjustments.

Currently when I click in the tempo line, it just creates a new value with 144 or some such, never retaining the previous value. How do I go around it?

I been battling this forever and never got on here to ask. Someone PLEASE answer this. Thanks!

In the project window:

  • Enter all the tempo events you need in the tempo track with the draw tool (pencil) without worrying about the precision of the tempo values
  • When they are all in place right-click on the tempo track header and choose ‘Select All Events’
  • Double-click on the ‘Value’ field on the info line and type in a tempo value (do NOT press enter)
  • Instead hold down the Control key and then press the enter key. This sets all tempo events to the same fixed value

You can do the same thing in the tempo editor (show the info line if it is hidden). Drag a box around the events to select them.