How do you deactivate Cubase on a Soft-elicenser?

I have Cubase elements on my Soft-elicenser (I don’t have any dongle).

I want to reformat my hard drive (as I do regularly) and reinstall Windows.
For my VSTs on Ilok, I just deactivate them prior to wiping my hard drive and then reactivate after Windows is reinstalled.

But I can’t find any option to deactivate Cubase on my Soft-elicenser.

So if I was to wipe my hard drive (or if it crashed) would I lose my Cubase license?
Or do I just reactivate it with the activation code that I got when I purchased it?

I can’t find any threads on this.

Thanks in advance for your help…

So there is no way to deactivate?
You just have to request a new activation code after reinstallation?