How do you delete a MISSING VSTi

FINALLY got that “Shell” to shake loose and I deleted it! All it took was a complete uninstall and re-install of Halion and Nuendo 11. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Once I got that sorted, the shell responded to the No VSTi command in N12.

Thanks to all of you for your help! :grin:


New annoyance. I went into the Library to remove the patch it couldn’t find. But when I checked again, it gave me the same error message, this time for just SONIC CONTENT.

How am I supposed to know WHICH content? Is it Sonic SE, Sonic 3 or 5 -7? Any ideas how to chase this down?

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Hi @Keyplayer,

glad that you could finally resolve the first issue, and my apologies for not keeping up with your thread like the others did (due to temporary illness).

The new issue:
right now, and since I don’t use that VST Sound pack, I’m not sure if “Materials - Metal & Ice” has already been in Steinberg Licensing when it was published, or if it needs to be migrated, since “Materials - Wood & Water” does have a mark in the same line which confirms that “eLicenser is still supported”, while "Materials - Metal & Ice"has no mark (in the next line; perhaps I’m also over-interpreting that list a bit):

(the regularly updated compatibility list)

However, I just took the time to download & install both “Materials - Metal & Ice” and “Materials - Wood & Water”, in order to see which file versions are the current ones.

Result: all files (both products) are at version v1.

So, if you’ve got a license for “Materials - Metal & Ice” and if you could run it before, then the above error is “out of my detection range” - no idea. :thinking:


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No worries. People have lives. I had one before falling down this "ATMOS rabbit hole!":joy:

I never used that plugin because I’d never installed it. I was just installing all of those plugs because they were available in the DL assistant. So, when I got the error message, I had no issue with deleting it. But the new error message is too broad. I don’t know what I’m supposed to delete.

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Hi again @Keyplayer,

ok, got it. :joy: :wink:

There are, however, various HALion Sonic (SE) content packages that are being (technically) run by Cubase / Nuendo and Dorico as their “bosses” - as if they were part of a group license (I may be wrong, though) like it’s definitely the case with the Absolute collection -, so here’s a self quote from one of my (rather lengthy) posts, a couple of days ago:

Perhaps you can check if everything you’d installed as - apparently - installed (or recommended to be installed) via Nuendo is still there, still correctly registered by / in Library Manager, and also at the(ir) latest file version(s). Once identified, said files / VST Sounds should be easy to de-register and / or delete via Steinberg Library Manager.



Just in case, this was the whole thread (related to another user’s apparently missing Flux presets co-license with HALion Sonic 7 and Dorico 5):

Dorico 5 : Halion SE Flux library


[-edited: corrected possible nonsense previously annotated by me, as I still lack information about the licensing of all those older bundled HALion Sonic SE content packages - June 5th, 2023-]