How do you delete a rest in the score ed.?

Delete tool - doesn’t work.
Eraser - doesn’t work.

How do you delete a rest?

Cubase puts a rest where there is no note. Rests are not midi events. You can look at the display quantize, or you can hide them.


Dont want to hide all of them, just one of them. That’s ok, I think I have what I thought was a problem sorted out.


A similar approach to Display Quantize (but possibly less invasive), would be to edit the “Set Note Info” of the note immediately prior to the unwanted rest…
E.g… lets say you have an eighth-note followed by an eighth-note rest that you want to get rid of… without actually changing the MIDI length of the note (i.e. the way it plays)…
Double-click on that eighth-note, to open the “Set Note Info” dialog, and change the “Length” parameter from its default “Auto” setting, to “” (i.e. “quarter-note”). The eighth-note rest will now disappear.

Good info, vf - thanks!