How do you draw in velocity curves to multiple selected midi event?

Cntrl + Shift drag up and down while selecting the notes from multiple events will change all velocities on every event. But I can’t figure out how to draw it in and have it effect them all. It only affects the first one selected.
Also, clicking on the top left or right making all velocities slop down or up doesn’t affect all events selected either. Any solution?

Thank you

Ctrl+Shift Drag → Increase/Decrease velocities of selection
Free-hand draw using pencil tool while keeping the LMB down throughout → Directly draw velocities in MIDI controller lane
Top left / top right anchor → Tilt velocities of selection
Top middle → Increase/Decrease velocities of selection
Right Middle → Compress/Expand velocities of selection

Did I get them all?


Another approach:

  • Change the value in the Info Line.
    – If you press Enter after, the change will be applied relatively.
    – If you press Ctrl/Cmd + Enter, the value you can see, will be applied absolute to all selected notes.

But using the Top left / top right anchor for example doesn’t affect ALL notes in every event selected. For me when I select multiple events and try to compress or top left anchor it only affects one of the midi events.
How do I make it so it affects all notes in every event selected?

That’s not expected. Why don’t you post some screenshots, maybe we’ll see what’s going on?


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I tried it in safe mode with preferences disabled and it still behaves the same way. I select multiple midi events, double click to open them in the key editor and select all notes. When editing the velocity it only applies to one of the events; not all. I’m trying ever combination of cntrl+shift+alt and nothing seems to work.

When you say you select multiple events, do you mean the rectangles in the project window?

If yes, those are midi PARTS. I don’t think you can do mass editing on separate parts, you’d have to glue them first. I could be mistaken, but that’s my impression.

Edit: Or maybe the “Edit Active Part only” switch has an impact on this? Can’t test right now.


Could you please provide video screen recording?

Sorry, I thought those were called Midi Events.

i dont think it was ever possible to adjust velocity or any midi cc of several midi part selected from midi editor ! (only from the info bar location for velocity). are u sure u did it somehow ? anyway its on the FR list


@WhiteKnight note the terms:
Midi event=a note, or other individual midi event.

Midi part: the container for midi events in the Project View.

If you want to do operations on midi parts, use the Logical Editor.


mass velocity

To be honest, you have a point here WhiteKnight. I would expect that the option “Edit Active Part Only” would allow all CC data to be manipulated at once when disabled. But, alas, it doesn’t seem to work this way.

The way to do it is from the info line, as you see at the end of the gif. (all events become blue, which means their velocity is lowered. In this case, all velocities are the same, but the increase/decrease is relative if you just click and drag.

Ok I will just use the Velocity in the info line. However, with that I can’t use the “Tilt Left " or Tilt Right”(fade) or the “Scale Around Absolute Center”(compression) on more than one Midi Part.

I could be wrong…but I do think it changes all the notes in every Midi Part “sometimes”.

Well, I tried some modifiers but I couldn’t get it to do all of them from the controller lane. Besides, I think that the controller lane would be populated with all velocity entries of all parts if this was the case. (Somewhat like the drum editor.)

If you find a way to apply those controls to all events of selected parts, please keep us posted!

Edit: and now I’ve seen mozizo’s previous post… I’d better get to sleep. :laughing:

as Steve mentioned its possible to use Midi /project logical editor, u can also use the “Velocity” function under midi menu to adjust all midi parts selected velocity , but not adjusting by hand with pointer device like mouse unfortunately