How do you edit controller data????

Hi, I am stuck after a few hours of looking for an answer on the forum, as well as going through loads of menus and options in Cubase 6, but can someone please tell me how to manually edit controller data, i.e. enter a specific value. I am using the pitch bend controller, having manually drawn in the bend on the controller data lane (in the midi editor). Now I want to edit/type in a value for a specific point (or dot - not sure what you call it), I am able to select the point/dot and the corresponding value/number appears in a bubble next to it, but how do I type in a specific value (In Reason you just select and type in a value in the value box- very simple and self explanatory). Also is there a way to center the data to ‘0’ as it is almost impossible to move it with precision onto ‘0’ now my synth is slightly sharp! I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help!

Do you have the “Info Line” turned on? That is where the values are displayed and you can manually type them in there.
EDIT: Use the “Setup Window Layout” button in the far upper left corner of the editor.

Thanks for the quick reply! Worked perfectly. I knew I overlooked something! Nice setup btw.