How do you export an entire song to other DAW correctly?

Is there an easy way to hi light and consolidate all wav files on a project in Nuendo and export the whole project to a folder. Yes I’ve done this, but???
Every time I do this then import the project files , for example I import the wav files in Samplitude DAW for mixing, what always happens is that the files I import all end up at the start of the grid.
Is there a way to export all files out of nuendo so that the files when imported to another daw are in there original correct position?

All good I worked it out :slight_smile:
You must hi light all tracks
Drag curser to the start of the page
Hit P on key board
Then Batch export and tick all individual tracks
Select mono on wav export inspector box

Now all the track waves are in correct position when I import them into Samplitude ready to mix

For all us Nuendo fans, 2 days later after doing the an identical mix in Samplitude! Well it just didt sound as good. Samp just sounded a little soft and seared the imaging a bit.
It was a good experiment