How do you find and turn off problem plugins?

Sampler track stopped working after the major Cubase 10.5 update which was the main reason I upgraded to 11. Unfortunately the problem persisted.

I found out that disabling 3rd party plugins on start-up solved the problem. So now I need to find the offending 3rd party plugin.

I watched a Youtube video that suggested “turning off the plugins” but how do you “turn off” the plugins? I also read a post about deactivating plugins in the plugin manager but I don’t see that option any more only “hide” which I don’t think is the same thing.

So what is the easiest way to find and deactivate plugins in order to gradually turn them back on or do you have to do it manually :frowning: ?

(I originally posted this under “issues” but this might be the better place for it) :blush:

Problem solved!
I deleted all paths in the VST plugin folder. Closed Cubase and opened it again which loaded only the default plugin paths. Samplertrack is back again! :smiley:

The problem plugin is obviously in one of the extra paths I added later but luckily doesn’t seem to be a major one because all my recent projects have nothing missing.

So playing with the plugin folder paths is one way to find problem plugins. :nerd: