How do you get a wave file that is open and import it into Montage?

Before I asked, I went to the manual to the Montage section and could not find it, nor could I find in in a google search.

Also if you open a Montage and grab files to input into it, it does not put in markers. I went to the insert tab where the markers are but that does not appear to be where you do this. I thought there was a automatic marker with a couple seconds between each song you could do with like a CD wizard/ :nerd: Sorry, I’m spending too much time in Samplitude where it just seems so much easier than Wavelab.

I also find when I open Montage and start putting songs it, it creates them in wave instead of montage as I see separate tabs for track 01, track 02, etc. I tried looking at some tutorial videos on line, but this is just crazy.

Ok, page 264 shows you how to get your audio files and import them into Montage. Just create new Audio Montage from Current File. It creates markers for all the files.

However if you just grab files and put them in a Montage it does not put the markers. Sometimes it will ask you if you want to have Wavelab put markers but not if you just inset an audio file.

I think this is maybe ‘by design’. I use this for nearly every project and like the way it enables you to manually place the CD splice markers exactly where you want … rather than just at clip end or some 2 sec default. It takes almost no time to place them exactly where you want the splice markers to be.