How do you get more ASIO drivers?

With Cubase 5 I had multiple ASIO driver options. I would use the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO when I was using my Steinberg CI2 for recording etc. I would use the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver when I wanted to listen to the Cubase output on my Windows 7 PC computer speakers. I’ve now upgraded to Cubase 6 and it is only giving me one driver option in the Device Setup…the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. The result is that I can not listen to Cubase through my computer speakers anymore. Is this a common issue with the upgrade to Cubase 6? I have not found anything on the Steinberg site that would allow me to download the missing driver.

Not sure why you aren’t getting them. They would be in the Program Files → Steinberg → ASIO folder. If they are not there you may need to reinstall. Another option, and probably the better one, is to download the free “ASIO4ALL”. Just google for it. It works great for generic sound cards, etc. Much lower latency than the generic drivers includes with Cubase.


ASIO4ALL did the trick. Thanks for the help. I’m able to hear Cubase output on my computer speakers now through ASIO4ALL.

Some additional information you might interesting…

The soundcard in my computer is manufactured by Realtek. They had no ASIO drivers specific for their products on their website.

I also checked the Steinberg Folders per your suggestion below. There is no ASIO folder for the 64bit version (which is the one that I use). There is a folder on the 32bit install, just as you indicated below. Out of curiosity, I ran the set-up program I found there. It recognized my audio hardware and appeared to run fine, but unfortunately, when I returned to the Cubase program there were still no additional ASIO options in the drop-down under Device Set-Up in Cubase 6.

I’m thinking that this is just a screw-up at Steinberg. The 64 bit version of Studio 5 (the software I upgraded from) had all the generic ASIO options. It appears they may have forgotten them in the 64 bit version of Cubase 6?

Thanks again. It was great to learn that there was a 3rd party option.

I have an audio interface at home, but when I am away from home I use ASIO4All and the headphones straight from the laptop. It works very well for me (Real Tech audio here as well).
As far as the generic ASIO drivers go, I am going to go out on a limb here…
Since the ASIO driver is a driver for the operating system, if you have a 64 bit OS, you use a 64 bit ASIO driver EVEN if you use a 32 bit host. That being said, I would venture that the drivers in your 32 bit Cubase “ASIO” folder would work if you put them in the 64 bit Cubase “ASIO” folder. In reality, I think the point is moot because ASIO4ALL is better (at least in my case). It has pretty good, low latency and seems very stable to me.
Anyway, glad you got it working.