How do you get rid of the iLok Activation is required prompt?


In my Cubase 8.5 setup I had the plugin working fine no issues after all the registering crap, including iLok dongle, etc, etc…
months pass with no issue - I then upgraded to pro 9.5 and the plugin disappeared? So I reinstalled the plugin and now I keep getting the Activation is required prompt:

I emailed dev guys for the activation code but I just got the response - you don’t need it… I then found out I can just ‘QUIT’ this prompt and go on to use the plugin in Cubase without issue. However, it’s getting tedious having to click the quit button for each one each time Cubase splash screen makes its appearance… It stops Cubase from booting up smoothly.

Has any one had this and know how to resolve? Please help me save the mouse button!

Moved. I don’t think this has anything to do with Cubase.

Have you tried running the iLok License Manager and logging into your account?

ah yeah fair enough - I must have overlooked this topic in the forum.

Yes, and it all looks cushty in the iLok Manager - not really touched it since I first registered it, other than the obvious updates.