How do you get support or a refund from this disgraceful company

I have now been stuck in a loop on the support pages for months. I don’t like using the forums due to the bullying that occurs from other customers. I have not been able to use cubase due to a failure on the licenser. I am unable to contact anyone. I have tickets raised but aways with the wrong dept. I would like a refund so I can purchase a different DAW.

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Why dont you give this forum a chance, there are many many very knowledgable people and usually very happy to help. There are always going to be the odd negative users that cant help but throw in negative comments, but they are easily ignored. If you post clear concise questions you will usually find people are happy to help.

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Same here, the website doesn’t work.

Hi @Peter_jovic, what your issue? Maybe I can help.

Peter, I too have been very frustrated at times with Steinberg and their products. But I have always found them responsive and understanding. I think the best thing is to just present your case as best as possible and go from there. I’m not sure where you’re located but I’ve never had a problem getting Steinberg Customer Service (USA) on the phone. I will admit that a few emails to Germany took about a week to get a response but I found them to be reasonable and helpful.

Give the forum a try. I’ve found it best to present your questions in a calm rational manner. If you come across with a bad attitude you’re just going to get a bad attitude in return.

I too have experienced the same from some big rude cats. But we aren’t all like that. Also, if you are going through US support… They aren’t rude, but seriously, someone needs to do something about that part of the organization. I mean, you have to be logged in to file a ticket, and they come back every single time saying they can’t find you in their system. It’s not just me, I help others out from time to time outside of this forum, and US support is a big problem. They aren’t rude, just always seem to want to claim that you don’t deserve the right to support, when clearly you have purchased the software. And that is if they get back to you at all. Outside of the US this isn’t a problem. Someone at HQ needs to look into that. Like you @Matthias_Quellmann.

But since you are here @Peter_jovic I suspect you are having issues with the old licensing system going down do to so many people upgrading to 12. It is a final hurdle as we begin to put the dongle away for good. If you can describe the problem you are having, there are many friendly people here who would be glad to help and walk you through it.

Can’t even submit a ticket for technical support at the moment. Behaviour like this loses customers.