how do you get the numbers on the mixer?


on 7.0.2 now and no matter where i stretch the mixer to i cannot get the numeric values back on it. it worked in 7.x and 7.0.1? is there a setting to get the numbers back? i really liked having them


oh and in the project page, on the channel part the numbers are there

And which of the many “numerical values” in the mixer do you mean exactly…?

the ones that go up the sides in the meter, and by the faders

MAke the channel strips wider

no that doesnt work

it is spread across a 24 inc h monitor, the channels are pretty wide, they are not in narrow mode at all

the numbers used to appear when i pulled the channels to a certain level, down

but nothing now

make them wider, there is a setting, when the scales appear. Do you see the values of the EQ?

the values show up in the fader/channel on the project page fine

how do you widen them? i never had to before, i just pulled them down to a certain level and all the numbers appeard, next to the faders and in where the meter shows. if i pulled the mixer to high they would go away. that was on 7.0 and 7.0.1

Zoom palette in the mixconsole toolbar

you are a genius!

i thought i had put everything as SHOWN but the zoom palette was not!

thank you !

“G” and “H” also work to zoom in/out in Mix Console.

Also Shift “G” and “H” for vertical zooming. :wink:

Thanks Guys

SO much better with the numbers in there!

thanks for the key tips to!