How do you get to your forum profile setttings?

And am I the only one who feels like Steinberg is conspiring to make it hard for us to find information we need?
Case in point, the “search” utility in the forum is less than useless - why even have one if it doesn’t work? (I think this is a pretty much unanimous consensus on the board)

And then there’s this in the FAQ:

How do I add a signature to my post?
A signature is created in your MySteinberg account in the forum profile settings.

I’ve been looking for 10 minutes, can’t find anything that says “forum profile” in MySteinberg. Sheesh, all I want to do is update my signature, why should that be so hard?

MySteinberg -> Login -> Forum ?

Nooo, that is too easy! :wink: is certainly one of the most convoluted, un-user-friendly sites.


MySteinberg -> Login -> Forum ?

So, even though I’m logged in, I have to log in again :confused:

… then what?

I logged in, went to MySteinberg, logged in again, still can’t find it.

I know it’s there, I’ve seen it before…

OH! There it is…

I logged into MySteinberg, but didn’t click the “Forum” link, as I’d assumed that would bring me to the Forum (silly me), rather than to my “Profile” (hmmm, since the FAQ says to go to your “Forum Profile”, shouldn’t the link say “Forum Profile”?)