How do you get VST Connections Toolbar to display?

Hello forum!

I’ve been using Cubase for some years now so please excuse if this sounds like a silly question. But whenever I’ve wanted to get to my VST connections dialog I’ve done either one of the following:

  1. Go to Devices -> VST Connections
  2. Press my function key (fn) + F4

But periodically and seemingly without any particular chain of events (at least to my knowledge) I’ve noticed that I will open a new project and see what I refer to as a VST Connections toolbar that displays the status of my Audio Inputs and Outputs; with orange fonts where any of the ins or outs are not configured.

I like this because I can access my VST Connections dialog at any time during work on my project by simply clicking on this toolbar.

Problem is, I cannot seem to figure out how to invoke that toolbar to display if it does not come up on its own. I’ve tried bringing it up through the “setup window layout” button by checking every option there. E.g. Status line, Info Line, Overview Line and etc but none of these seem to make that toolbar visible.

Does anyone know how to get it to show when it isn’t there?

I am running on a Macbook with Cubase 8 and the latest update. Below is a picture of the toolbar I’m talking about
VST Connections toolbar.png


These information are in the Status Line. But the particular information about the Audio Inputs, Outputs and Studio, are displayed if there is any issue only. So you can’t control it manually.

Try to double-click to this Status Line panel. The list of options, displays. As you can see, there is no “VST Connection” (or something like this), in the list.

You can access your VST Connections dialog at any time during work anyway, by using the Fn+F4 KeyCommand, which is very fast (even faster then the access from the Status Line), I would say, or from the Devices menu.

Thank for the feedback Martin.

Apparently you are correct about the information being in the Status Line because when the VST Audio Input/Output connection information is present in the toolbar, I have noted that I can toggle the display of the information on or off by enabling/disabling the Status Line information.

So it seems that when there is no detected VST Connection or to your point, some issue with the VST connection information; this is the only time you see this toolbar.

But during the entire time I am working with the Project (if it is initially displayed) I can afterward turn it on or off by toggling the Status Line information. So my point is it would certainly be nice to have it included in the Status Line info whether or not there is a problem or no VST connection detected although there are other methods of getting to the VST Connection dialog.

Maybe I’ll place a request for it as an enhancement. I really like having it at my disposal. :smiley: