How do you group events?

When I open the edit menu, there is no option for group. I am using the latest Cubase Le.
I just want to group several tracks and move them around.


Unfortunately the ability to Group Parts & Events is not included in LE.

However you don’t need to Group Tracks to move them around. Just use Click, Ctrl+Click & Shift+Click to select the desired Tracks and drag them up and down in the Project Window.

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That’s amazing, I don’t know how I will edit without the group function as the podcast is 40 minutes and there are lots of small clips of people talking in a group setting - its easy to lose a clip when I move all of them around and then it results in phasing. This means I have to match the waveforms exactly once they are out of place, which takes a lot of time and patience.

Is there a function like group events or a reliable workaround?? I am used to Pro Tools

Not really. LE is the most stripped down minimal version of Cubase, so there is a lot it doesn’t do. Typically folks get it free with something else. LE does support Audio Parts which lets you create a ‘container’ to hold Audio Events in relationship to each other. But that only works on single Tracks so it wouldn’t help with your phase relationship across multiple Tracks. You could upgrade to Artist which will do what you want.

Well, that makes sense. I will try out Audio Parts. Thanks a lot for clearing that up! :slight_smile: