How do you guys export seamlessly looping tracks inc verb


So I compose primarily for video games and I’m wondering if people have any tricks for exporting seamlessly looping tracks including tails and delays. I know other doors have a bounce loop feature and I saw it requested in 6. Has there been any movement?

Currently I just bounce, import, duplicate, layer and offset to get the tail in, but its not a great solution.

Thoughts?, Tricks?


You can try to freeze the track, and set the tail. Then, you can import the file from the Freeze folder. This is not much more faster. And you have to be careful, if there is any cut.

Try to make your own Macro, it should be the fastest way, I suppose.

not sure if I get it, but what about simply setting the locators for the export area wide enough to capture the reverb/delay tails?

In this case, you have to move lokátory manualy, what is not very fast. You can set Macro for this. Something like: 1) Set locators to currently selected region; 2) Set cursor on the Right locator; 3) Nude right few times; 4) Set Right Locator on the cursor position; 5) Solo track with actualy selected event; 6) Mixdown

As I said, it’s not very comfortable (maybye there is error in my Macro, my Cubase is not runing, now). But it could help a little.