How do you handle custom vsti and track presets?

I have some issues with every section that I can load a custom vsti preset.

If I use inspector I can not pin or make “always on top” the preset browser and as soon as I click somewhere else it disappears. So it is hard to scroll through presets.

If I use main Media Bay, single click selection or mouse keyboard arrow up down does nothing and double click creates a new track instead of replacing the selected one so I have to drag and drop on top of the selected track every time.

If I use righ zone media bay, it loads for pre listen the plugin which slows down the process a lot. and there is no way to hide the bottom preview zone unlike the main Media Bay.
Also no way to see a location tree view on Right Zone Media Bay which makes it hard to find stuff easily. For example I have my Kontakt and Sine libraries presets in folder structure LIbrary Name/Instrument Type etc but no way to see this folder structure on Righ Zone media bay. Only tags.

So is there any other alternative that I am missing that makes this process simpler and faster? Or do we need some improvements in this area?


Hi, ozinga

The first thing : I avoid Mediabay as much as I can. Never got used to it, since its introduction, something like 15 years ago (Cubase 4)…

BUT, for all my VST 2.4 plug-ins/synths, I have used the Convert Program List To VST Presets command, available via the drop down list (labelled in its tooltip as Preset Management), on the right of the preset name display of the involved VSTi/plug-in UI window. It creates a sub-folder named with the plug-in publisher one, in the VST3 Presets folder (which is supposed to contain all the user presets). This, at least on Windows (can’t talk about OSX, regarding this).

This done, I use, in the same location, the Load VST preset one. It opens a kind of simplified Mediabay UI with a major advantage : we only have to click once on the presets list to load one, and yes, the up/down arrow keys also work. Additionaly, on the left pane, the Logical option can be used, more or less like in the full Mediabay window.

In the screenshot below, I use it with Sylenth1 specifying a filter condition (presets which contains the ‘PD’ chain → pads presets) :

This said, the whole thing is rather clumsy and I have complained enough in the past about this ‘treat VST2 as VST3’ paradigm. But on a daily basis, it works…

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Hey Cubic13.

Thank you so much for taking time for the detailed explanation.
I will check this and see how it goes.