How do you import a Key Commands file

In Key Commands, you can save a custom set of key commands with STORE, and it then appears in the presets list. But where is this file to on the hard drive? (Windows XP).

I’m trying to export my key commands to a file, so that I can import them into Cubase again (Win 7). But I cannot see where the file is going, to be able to import it, according to windows search there is no required .KEY file been written anywhere,

Has anyone managed to export/import key commands at all?

Going on memory…C/documents and settings/current user/application data/ Steinberg or C/ Steinberg/Cubase6/Presets

ah yes, got it - but it’s not logical though.

Once I had remembered that the app folder is hidden and to ignore the Key Commands folder in the Steinberg Program directory - as these are not the preset files that are used.

Trying to load a .key file gets you no where (this is what the import function is looking for) as Cubase does not save this file as a .Key, but actually as an .XML file.

The only way to do it, is drag the .xml file into the app data/Key commands folder, then Cubase will put it in the presets pull down menu.

Got there though…