How Do You install LE 5?

Dear Steinberg users,

I bought an Alesis soundcard with Cubase LE5 on disc, Try as I might I cannot get my computer to install LE5 and keep getting unspecified error.

Is this my computer (Intel i3, Windows 7, Samsung), or is it something to do with LE5?


Hello Mad Dan,

Your disc may have an error. You can contact Alesis, to see if they can provide another LE5 DVD. We can provide a download for Cubase LE5 from our server.

This is a .ISO disk image you will need to mount the image in order to run the installer. The image should automatically mount on OSX operating systems. If you are running Windows 7, Vista or XP, you must burn the .ISO file to a DVD-R and run the disc as the installer.