How do you make the markers track coloured across project?

Hello- I would like to make the markers track show its its colour not just at its origin but with a thick line across the project page. How do u get that?
Thanks a lot!


There are 2 kind of Markers in Cubase. The one you are using so far, is the common Marker. Then there is the Cycle Marker, this is the one, you are asking to. Set the Left and Right Locator, and add the Cycle Marker.

Hi martin, thx, im not referring to the ruler marker, but the actual markers track. Ive seen that it is possible to make it colour the whole track ACROSS the project, not vertical like the cycle/blue left and right locators. Any idea?


I’m also refering to the Marker track.

Do I understand it right, you want to make a vertical line over all tracks? This is not possible.

But you can divide the track list, and place the Marker tracks to the top list. So it will be always visible, when you scroll up/down in the tracks.

That’s what I have, works well.
I think the marker track colour is is a combo of the track colour chosen in prefs and the background colour.

Thanks both of you. I have attached a photo, easier to explain. Basically Id like to know how to get this:
the shaded area across the project from the markers track, please refer to pic…

The only further thing I can add is, ctrl click on the lower blue area on the left, change the colour and see how it applies.

step 1- get the color tool
step 2- choose a color by clicking again on the color tool icon and it comes with a dropdown of all different options
step 3- click on your marker track

DONE now youve colored your marker
if you want to rename your marker just do Ctrl-M and type it under description