how do you make the waveform white?

Hi all

i cant remember this at all

my wavform is a dark gray on a black background

how do you make the waveform white??? i did that a long time ago and with this new install its these little tweaks i forget


Prefs-Event Display-Audio

I looked there and tried the sliders but it isn’t turning white, even a little would be better than this dark grey on black

In the preferences, ‘Event display/Audio’, set both ‘Waveform brightness’ and ‘Waveform Outline intensity’ cursors full to the right…

Strange thing: if i change values in Wafevorm brightness and Waveform Outline intensity in Preferences, then i f re-open preferences i can’t see anymore the ‘Waveform brightness’ and ‘Waveform Outline intensity’ labels.
Is it a bug?