How do you manage midi and audio tracks for orchestral templates ?

Hi everyone,

I’m working with Kontakt and multi outputs. I’m doing a template for orchestral music and I would like to be sure to have a good workflow.
I’m following a method whose idea is to use an instrument VST track who pilote Kontakt and 15 midi tracks routed to the same Kontakt who are at the same time midi and audio. Contrary to the old method, I don’t have to make automations, pan, etc, in the audio tracks associated to the midi tracks : I can make all that stuff directly in the midi tracks. It’s far more simple! I keep the audio tracks invisible because I don’t have to work on them (maybe at the end, to put compressor or others inserts for mixIng).

Anyway, if you have commentaries, advices… I’m very curious about workflows in Cubase for orchestral templates. I have a lot to learn.

I have seen a method whose idea is to put one instance per track and to disable all tracks to save RAM. It may work fine at the beginning of the composition, but at the end, a lot of tracks are activated and I’m wondering if my 16 go computer or my 8 go laptop can work fine ?