How do you manage VCA Tracks with Cubase 12

I updated Cubase 12 pro.
largely for the 256 assignable VCA tracks and I modified my mixconsole in this direction by assigning many tracks to my different instruments of my orchestral template.
I try to also separate the VCAs according to the editor of the instrument for technical reasons
And I intend to do much the same for groups.
Always for the same reasons and be able to add reverb, EQ etc…
Here is a table of what I put together as well as some screenshots
How do you handle all of this
I’m a real geek and I’m always afraid of doing too much

I specify that I use a lot of tracks with separate joints and also expression maps on disabled tracks

I use VCA’s for grouping faders with my orchestral projects instead of using group channels. I’ve no need to create stems, but it’s handy to adjust an instrument section using VCA’s.