How do you mark places on a track?

For the purpose of making note of sections of interest. The Marker track doesn’t do the trick, because you can only have one of them in your project, and I need to mark differing point of interest on a dozen or so different tracks. How would you accomplish this?

I’ve never thought about if you can color your markers individually. If you can then I’d give each track an individual marker color, divide the track list and place the marker track in the top section.

An ugly solution would otherwise be to use automation of an unused parameter for the tracks of interest, say enabling/disabling of an eq-band.


You can colour markers individually, but there would be far too many markers on the track to make it usable, and also when you hit the back arrow on the transport panel, it stops at each marker, which is very inconvenient and undesired in this situation.

Just being able to mark a vertical line in the audio would be very helpful for this.


Here’s a really ugly solution to get vertical lines at points of interest in the track:

  1. Find a point of interest.
  2. Cut the track there with the scissors tool.
  3. Immediately glue the track back together there.
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

At least on my computer, there is a vertical line in the track where it was cut and glued.

I told you it was ugly!!

Another ugly one …

Create new (MIDI?) track to use for the identifiers; give it a distinctive colour. In that track, at the start of a section of interest create an empty part; give it an appropriate name (and a distinctive colour).