How do you move between flows

Hi! How do you best move between flows in the smartest way?

Use the Go to function? (Cmd-G IIRC)

Thanks! Doesn´t really work all the way for me. I get to the window where I can choose between flows and subsequent bars which is fine. I would be nice though if you could just have a single shortcut like CmdG2:4 (and get focus on that bar when the window opens) for example. Thanks anyway!

You can use the jump bar to do that.


I’ve assigned Shift Command [ and ] to the commands for moving to the Previous and Next flows.

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I find more than a couple of flows extremely disorienting. I don’t want to try to remember which flow is f3, f17 or whatever. It seems to me there is a need for a navigator panel or some similar thing that can get us to the desired flow in a single click, based on the NAME of the flow.
I described the concept for a navigator in more detail here: Two very small annoyances - #10 by cparmerlee


We can operate the Go To Bar dialog entirely by keyboard:

  • Tab to move between Flow and Bar
  • Enter to open the Flow selector
  • Select a flow from the dropdown via number* or arrow keys
    *(11, 22, 33, etc. do not work)
  • Enter to confirm flow choice
  • Tab back to Bar; type numbers &/or arrow keys
  • Enter to hit OK button

That works, thanks!