How do you notate saxophone bends in Dorico?

Here is a printed sample:
Here is a handwritten example:


…and here is what I get with Dorico. Scaled a bend to 70% and the placing edited in the engrave page:

In my opinion the ugliest version and a lot of work.

Here is also an audio sample to make clear what I’m talking about:

Anyone knows a better solution? Thanks!

Ok, the correct answer would have been: It just depends on the font.
And if you like the Bend symbol from a different font, create a new playing technique with that symbol from the font you prefer and use it.
Anyway, thanks for ‘listening’. :slight_smile:

I’m a professional sax player in AZ. The symbol you chose is right for this sound, If it was a scoop or fall, it’d be a different one,

Bottom line…for this, you’ve got it. But I agree, that symbol isn’t great.

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Thank you for confirming. To be honest, as a guitarist I would not have known if I really should use that, but I found it in the original arrangement of ‘The Groove Merchant’ from Tad Jones… great piece and arrangement… learned a lot…
Ah, yes… and I found a better Symbol in a Finale font… Thanks!