How do you open multiple Key Editors?

Okay, I have RTFM, but can’t figure out how to have two (or more) Key Editors open at the same time. I thought I had done this with previous versions. I know I can open two separate Parts within one Key Editor, but I would like to be able to see them separately, and not overlaid. It would also be nice if they opened directly above and below each other, and perfectly lined up. I know I can also do this using the Score Editor, but in this case would prefer to use the Key Editor because the piece is rubato and doesn’t line up with bars/beats in a Score Editor

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BTW – some may question why I just can’t edit the two parts within the same Editor and switch back and forth. Actually, I can – been doing that for years. :wink: But – I am also very accustomed to orchestrating while looking at a score that has the various parts oriented vertically. Like I said, I could use the Score Editor for this 97% of the time, but in this case the piece doesn’t conform to the grid of bars and beats, and the notation would be all over the place. However, I can look at the two parts one above the other and get the gist of tempo and phrasing, etc. fairly easily

You can have two (or more) Key Editors open at the same time. Go to Preferences->Editing and uncheck “Link editors”

Thanks Winter Rat from this thread: Multiple Key Editor windows would be nice - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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I tried that, unchecking “Link Editors” but it didn’t work… so I went back in to the Preferences to look again, and for some reason it was checked again. So I unchecked it, and now… it works!

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