How do you open .ZIF files in Cubase LE 8?

I’ve made a recording using a Zoom H4n Pro, I’ve moved the file onto my Mac computer and it shows up as a .ZIF file. Now I want to open it in Cubase to edit the recording but I can’t find a way to do that.

Anyone know how to do this?

Note: I’ve tried…

  • Right clicking the file, clicking “open with” and selecting Cubase…this brings me to the Steinberg Hub, from here I can’t access the recording so I can only open an empty project.
  • Opening an empty project and selecting “import”, “Audio File”, then I can see the file I want to open but it won’t let me select it.


ZIF (Zoom Interchange File?) sounds like a proprietary zoom file format. You should export or convert your zoom recordings in a standard audio file format like wav, aif or flac. These formats can be imported into cubase.