How do you organize your projects in folders?

Even before I upgraded to C7 I was watching a tutorial which recommended every project (song) have its own seperate folder. I guess the reasoning is the audio files are kept seperate for each project (?). I started doing this but my approach is usually starting C7 & sometimes all I record is a quick “sketch” of an idea. Most of the time I don’t use audo for this, mainly VST & midi instruments. So I’m thinking it’s unnecessary to create seperate folders for all these snippets. Any opinions , advice?


It’s a good idea to create a folder for each song. Anything else leads to chaos on the long run, don’t even try it :laughing:

Well, there’s nothing wrong with having a sketchproject as well to record ideas more spontaneously. As soon as the idea gets more solid you can delete everything that’s unnecessary and use the backup function (‘delete unused stuff’ etc. ticked) and save it to a dedicated folder.

Yeah, one folder, one project (, one song). Then you have to take some time to split up ‘sketch’ projects using a suitable method. I usually try to keep each sketch separate, or I duplicate the project dir when I think I’ve got two song sketches and before they get too big. There are many ways to duplicate a project…

I also tend to group projects dirs in subdirs for each album (say) and then for each band. Because there may well be shared audio between songs an album, like sound FX or other specific samples. Also there will probably be a ‘mastering’ project which includes all songs from the album, therefore that’s some of the exported audio from each song project referenced in another project.

I also use libraries for sound fx between projects. These are like having other audio pools which you can open in many projects, and then use the audio like you do from the project pool except that it’s shared between projects. The audio in a library would be in a directory outside the project directory structure - like in a SoundFX subdir. The advantage of a library is that you’re not duplicating the audio by copying it into the project pool, and you’re not just leaving it lying around somewhere on the disk to be deleted by accident later, you’re putting effort towards keeping it in a special place, i.e. a library… Nowadays with the media browser there’s less need for this, but I still find libraries worthwhile.


one song one project as a rule…

I have dozens of almost empty project folders where I’ve started a ‘sketch’ project and then abandoned it… I do look back every once in a while for creative inspiration…

Yes. That’s a very useful tip. One folder per song. Makes transfering to anotherPC easy too. Thanks for sharing the tip .

I have gotten into a bad habit of bypassing this setup for each project and started using the Same folder for everything going in. Reading this has made me realize to separate this now before they all get so out of hand it becomes a bigger problem

I’m using
– Album/Session
folder structure. Keeps things organized.

But then I have folder ‘Test’ at the root level, which I use for sketching etc. If a sketch project turns into something usable I’l save it to it’s own new folder and continue there. Needless to say, there’s quite a few .cpr (and audio) files in my ‘Test’ folder. But then … I’ve always been lazy at cleaning up places :sunglasses:

exactly how I do it , I have about 300 cpr files in one folder but you never know if they will come in handy one day :wink:

I set a separate folder of eery single song especially test or trials. My experience is that once I start rolling with midi tracks and add audio I’m going to want this all to have a neat and tidy home from the beginning. I give each folder a name (client name if a paid project) which is including the start date and at least a working title for a song. This also helps to ensure that all the files are routed to my separate project drive and audio doesn’t wind up on the C drive.

Am I glad I asked about this.Prior to C7 (or watching the tutorial), every sketch was in a folder by month at best. Most of my sketches are titled simply by date. So when I start I create a folder, say 2-1-13, then when the initial project window pops up I do a save as 2-1-13 before adding any tracks.
What I’m wondering is if the sketch is becoming something viable, does it matter if I simply change the project folder and project file to the tune’s new name? Second is it ok to drag the project folder to a location on my hard drive if need be? Sorry if the questions seem a little ridiculous :frowning:

backup project is your friend :wink:

back-up back-up back-up.

I use two approaches. Studio and Live.

1-Like what was stated, when recording audio, a separate folder for each project
is a must and the way to go to avoid confusion.

2-However for my live work (which like you stated) only uses
VSTi’s and MIDI, I have over 500 songs which share the same folder.

In that one folder there is an ‘Audio’ folder an ‘Image’ folder and now with C7
there is also a ‘Track Pictures’ folder. But there is nothing in those folders.

I have been using this method in a live setting since SX3 and have
experienced no probs accessing/playing back songs.

Each song loads very quickly average about 12-15 seconds
with the longest taking about 30-45 seconds.
On stage that can be an eternity so I just tell a lil joke or two till it has loaded.

HTH (hope this helps)

So when I backup say my “2-1-13” folder/project files can I change the name of the folder & project file to a “real” name? This was what I was wondering about in the previous post above or are all my plugins, etc looking always for the original path name?

Thanks so much