How do you organize your Projects?

Hello good folks using Cubase! :slight_smile:

I was just wondering how ppl organize their projects using (or not using) “configurations” in the Workspace- and MixConsole windows… I’ll attach a few pics so you can see how I do it!

Also wondering how you pick your routings??? I mean “the whole routing scheme” all from individual channels into group channels, to Sub channels and lastly how it all ends up on the Master channel (or the so called “last Stereo channel”)… Would different ways create different results? For example where would I route a Reverb-send (an FX channel) to? Would I route it to the nearest group channel or directly to the Master channel? What would be the best result? As of now I’ve decided to route all my FX channels to the Master channel (or the last Stereo channel), but it’s actually possible to route it somewhere else, for example if it’s a Reverb-send channel routed to the Snare channel I can “route it’s output effect” to the “Group channel” where I group all my drums for some glue processing, etc (but then also the Reverb will be further on processed with that same processing I’m using on that Group channel) or route the Snare Reverb to the Master leaving it uneffected by any other processing… I’m just unsure what is the usual way professionals go about doing this… Of course I can just try different ways and listen for what seem to work the best for the song, maybe that’s how ppl do it?

// With regards from Robin Gardner

Hi you,
concerning routing: Everything that does what you want to achieve is perfectly ok!
In cubase you can use sends to route the signals to groupchannels and/or FX channels. In both you can insert effects, they do not differ in that respect.
You may route these channels to other groupchannels or to the main output channel - depending on your needs to treat combined signals with additional effects (or simply create a kind of submix and have an additional control over the sum). I think it is good and widespread practice to e.g. route all individual drum channels to a group channel. The same for vocals, the same for sections of an orchestra. Since cubase also has VCA “channels” available there is not necessarily a need to sum signals in all situations (the VCA channels provide a mechanism to control a collection of channels at the same time). So you have all the options. And dont be shy to start with whatever you need and later change it when you feel like the time has come.

your way of using project window configurations and mixer configurations are perfectly ok if they work for you.
A side remark: “Workspaces” are something different in cubase - you might want to have a look at what they are good for.