How do you record midi parts to Cubase from an iPad on PC?

My goal is simple, record midi from my iPad into Cubase. I ordered an iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2, but haven’t had any luck getting this to work with the Animoog iPad app. The Animoog is funky itself, but that’s another story. I was able to record midi in from the iPad, but there were a few massive problems (deal breakers) when it actually worked: a) the notes go hay wire. If I add 4 hits, it ends up adding a million midi parts and Cubase ends up skipping through the part and eventually shuts down and freezes completely. b) I can see the midi notes but no sound accompanies them. c) Cubase just crashes altogether.

All this to say, how are you recording midi in & playback from your iOS (or other) devices into Cubase?

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describe your midi setup page in animoog

describe your cubase midi device manager page ( make a screenshot )