How do you render out a few clips?


Im (very) new with Nuendo and I’m trying to render out a few small clips together as a mono file, but everything I try does not seem to work…
I select the (two) clips with the object selection tool and tried to File>Export>Audio Mixdown, but then Nuendo for some reason only renders things you selected with the very inacurate ruler at the top (can I turn that thing off?):

Then I found out about the Edit>Render In Place>Render Settings… option, but I can’t select samplerate or mono output there…

Is there any way to just select the clips and render/bounce the output quickly to my harddisk without having to select the exact start and ending point with the ruler?

The events in “1” in your image is your “selection”. There’s a function called “Locators To Selection” which will set the locators in “2” to that selection. After that’s done you can do your export audio mixdown as usual. And you can set a key to that function so it’s faster to do (mine is “p”, and it might actually be by default).

Incidentally, I see that the text on your video track is red, are you running an incorrect frame rate by any chance? If so you can open “Project Setup” and choose “Get From Video” next to “Frame Rate”. Be careful with that though.

Thank you so much!

I use this… my best kept secret… set it . up once then walk away…

You’re fortunate in that there are man ways to do this, as Nuendo is pretty flexible.
Matthias’ suggestion is great if you just want to quickly render out a particular section.

If you need to export more clips, you can also use markers with a similar technique
-locate selection
-add cycle marker
(you can turn this into a macro and bind it to a keycommand to make this even quicker)

Then, in the audio export window you can do a batch cycle marker export with naming options, which will export a whole bunch of markers automagically.

MEAP is good if you need to batch export non-audio tracks or multi-timbral midi synths,etc.
But for clip exporting and audio tracks Nuendo already has a lot of functionality built in.

btw, if you have a fairly new ipad I would higly recommend downloading the free Avid PT Control app, that also works flawlessly with Nuendo.
That way you can set up touch screen commands to bind often used functions like exporting, markers, macros etc to.