How do you reset controllers(volume, expression, modulation)

I need expression and modulation to be at 64, and volume to be at 100 on every track every time I open my template.

This is basically called resetting your controllers.

I’m building a large template in Cubase and I need the automation data to be consistent so I need to put in midi data at the beginning of every midi track(expression, modulation, volume and a couple of other CC parameters.

My question is how can I do this with out manually putting in the data on all midi tracks. I have a lot and it will be very painful to do this on all of them.


If you are using template, you can do this just once: in the template directly.

Or, you can use MIDI CC121 All controllers off (not Steinberg CC121 device) :slight_smile:, which is “Reset”. This one set some CCs to the default settings:
Pitch Bend > center (not minus not plus)
AfterTouch (Channel an Poly) > 0
CC 1 (Modulation) > 0
CC 11 (Expression) > 0
CC 64 (Sutstain) > 0
CC 65 (Portamento On/Off) > 0
CC 66 (Sostenuto) > 0
CC 67 (Softpedal) > 0
CC 84 (Portamento) > reset
CC 98/99 (NRPN LSB and MSB) > switch off the number of parameter.
CC 100/101 (RPN LSB and MSB) > switch off the number of parameter.