How do you route one MIDI track to multiple VST synths?

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I’m still learning C5, so I’m sure this is obvious to some of you experts, but what’s the best way to route one MIDI track to multiple VST symths?

I’m wanting to layer a MIDI track multiple times and I don’t want to copy and paste multiple instrument tracks.

Thanks, and again, sorry of this is obvious!

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Click the e on the MIDI channel to get the channel settings. Use the Sends section.

Can you actually send to another track w/ a soft synth in it? I thought that sends were just FX sends?

You use the sends in the MIDI channel not the vsti channel.

Err… what? The Sends section on a MIDI track can only send the MIDI data to a “MIDI effect”, not to a conventional VST instrument.

That statement is simply wrong…
@AngelicLight: You should follow JMCecil´s and Split´s advice, you should use MIDI tracks instead of Instrument tracks though, since instrumenmt tracks don´t seem to have MIDI sends (or I´m simply overseeing them at the moment…)

I am trying right now, and in the Sends section I can choose to send the MIDI data to MIDI effects like MIDI Echo, MIDI Monitor etc, but absolutely not to any VST instrument. MIDI effects have the VSTMA architecture, not the usual VST 2.4/VST3 architecture.

Are you sure you can? Then I would like to know how you do it. Thanks.

Load an instrument into the rack → switch the send on → check the lower part of the send that says “not connected”

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Ah thanks a lot, silly me :astonished:

I think this did it.

Thanks a lot!

Wow to the forum - wouldn’t ever have gotten that on my own!

Also, right clicking in the inspector brings up a dialog that allows you to choose which fold downs are available. I think MIDI send is not displayed by default.

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