How do you save a song on a flash drive and reopen later?

My friend has Cubase 7 Artist and he had a song he wanted me to work on in my studio. He went to File, Save As, and saved the project on the flash drive. When he closed Cubase, reopened it, he could go to the flash drive, file the file and open it up.

He mailed the flash drive to me. I opened Cubase, chose open project. I found the 3 songs he saved on the flash drive. It opened the song but it says it can’t find the wave files. What the ?" What are we doing wrong in saving a song and opening it up again on another computer. I tired inport file but that did not seem to work. :neutral_face:

"save as " saves the project file, the audio is saved in the project folder specified when creating the project. this data obviously needs to be exchanged also.

you need to “back up project” to the flash drive

So how do you save the wave files to the flash drive? Highlight all of the tracks and hit save? Will back up project save everything? I am kind of confused why my friend could save the song and reopen it on his computer but I can’t on mine.

Either copy the complete project folder, or if you´re not sure all filoes are in there, “prepare atchive”, or use “backup project” as G-string wrote

Depending on which options you tick - Before you ask: they are explained in the manual.

Because the audio files still are on his computer, but not yours and the “save as” project file knows the path to those files, which is not on your computer

Thanks for your replies, I can tell its saving it properly now. :smiley:

When you start a new Project in Cubase you’re invited to create a new folder to contain it. All recorded material, along with the Project file will go there. If you import an audio file you’re invited to copy it to the Project folder.

Organize from the outset, rather than throwing all your files into one big heap. Then moving the Project to another computer is simply a matter of copying the entire Project folder.