How do you save Groove Templates in 7.5?

Hey guys,

I have some MPC & ASR groove templates im trying to store in Cubase but when I import the midi file and right click the part and go to advance quantize > Create groove quantize preset. It always overwrites the last one I did?

What is the correct process for doing this? Thanks guys!

Save the preset (with a unique name) before creating the next.

Thanks but Where do you go to save it? Like where is the save preset option. And by unique name so mean changing it from its current name? Which is usually for example “mpc 51%” etc etc

Some follow up questions

1: When saved these set a name that shows tempo and time signature, does this mean it can be only applied to tracks in that tempo etc? Im guessing no as that would be pretty useless?

2: Is there a way to create folders for the quantize drop-down menu in 7.5. its a little overloaded now and id like to categorize.

  1. You can use any name, Cubase is just grabbing the Part name etc., for a default name.

  2. Not that I know of.

Great thanks Steve. So the time signature and tempo dont mean its restricted right?

Well, you can use it in any time sig, if that’s what you mean. Obviously it won’t make sense in certain conditions. Best way to understand is by experimenting with it.

True… see some where named 1/16th - or 1/32t for example i get that… But when saving these Cubase automatically adds 4/4 and 120BPM to the name thats what was confusing.