How do you set grand staff split point in version 4?

Pardon a newbie here. But how do you set grand staff split point in version 4? They seemed to have moved it from Version 3.

You’ll find the option now in the MIDI Import Options dialog that appears when you import a MIDI file: expand the Import Options section at the bottom of the dialog and you’ll find the options in the Interpretation section.

Thank you very much. I found it. I’m getting the impression though, that I shouldn’t be just setting a fixed split point, but have the split point moving, depending on what the left and right hand piano part is doing. Would you be able to refer me to a source so I can learn how to do that? I’m having trouble finding that information. Thanks for your patience with a newbie!!

Mark, you’ll find the split point is now “smart”: it analyzes what you play and makes a decision about split point for you!

Yes, I would suggest you let Dorico try and figure out the split point for you as you play (or when you import MIDI files). If you find that you want to move some notes from one staff to the other, you can use Alt+M to move the selected notes to the staff below, and Alt+N to move them to the staff above. Fixing little problem areas as you go doesn’t take long at all.

Thank you Daniel. Great tip!

Thank you!!