How do you set up SNAPSHOTS on the MC Control?

I saw this post on the Avid site about being able to set up snapshots. S3 Snapshots Like D-Command - Avid Pro Audio Community
All of the info coming from it is PT specific. So I wanted to find out how to make this feature work on Nuendo. Can anyone here talk me through the process for setting up and storing the snapshots on an MC Control/Mix? :question:

Is this possible? We have the commands in Eucon (“Apply Global Snapshot” and “Store Global Snapshot.”).

But how/where do you store them and do you have to go through a whole “writing a layout” type procedure just to set one up (in which case, NOT really a snapshot. So, not worth the effort).

Has anybody tried this?

I don’t think Nuendo can do this.

Then what do these key commands (“Apply Global Snapshot” and “Store Global Snapshot.”)refer to? How do they work?