How do you setup your VCA faders?

There seems to be a couple ways to use the VCA faders. One is go link several tracks and create a VCA fader within the channel. This puts a VCA fader right after the group track with its own colored fader. Then it has the name of the link on each fader above the pan control on the mixer. When you move the VCA fader all the tracks that are linked move.

The other way is to just create a VCA fader which goes to the end of your last fader on your Mix console. You can then link faders togther and assign them to that VCA channel. This way you don’t have a VCA fader but just the VCA channel. I cant see this being an advantage over the first way.

What do you do if you want other plug ins to be added to the guitar group fader? There is no option for plug ins on the VCA fader nor can you route the VCA channel to a Guitar Group fader. Do you just put the routing on top to the guitar group channel and then also use the link for the VCA channel?

I don’t know how useful this is, but I usually put a VCA next to the thing(s) it controls. That allows me to hide the stuff it’s controlling and focus on what it’s doing in the mix. I mainly use them for automation. YMMV.