How do you shift notes to left

I inadvertently hit (I) and shifted my 2nd voice rightward a beat for 50+ measures.
How do I shift all those notes leftward? I did it once but I can’t remember how it worked. I’ll write it down this time.

You could select the whole passage and use Alt-Left to move by the rhythmic grid.
It may be easier, though, to stick the caret where the extra beat is, use v however many times to get the caret into the affected voice, then type Shift-B -1q Alt-Enter (assuming that by “beat” you mean “quarter” or “crotchet”). I should emphasise that it’s Alt-Enter to confirm the popover - the addition of Alt means that Dorico applies this action to only the one voice.

For that matter, if there is a rest whose value matches that of the offset (so a quarter/crotchet rest and everything to the right is offset by a quarter/crotchet), you could just select the rest, turn on Insert mode and then hit delete. Remember to turn Insert mode off when you’re done…

Paul has a great video Time saving shortcuts in Dorico I took notes from

Thanks! I didn’t know this video. :slight_smile:

The way I do it:

  1. Select the first note
  2. Select to End of Flow (I’ve assigned to Ctrl-Shift-1)
  3. Alt-left arrow as needed