How do you stretch a sound?! Urgent!

Hi I recorded a client who sang a word holding it too short, only realised this later on. How do you take the middle portion of it and stretch it? I know it’s possible with pro tools but dont know how to do it in cubase.
Thanks in advance!

Sizing Applies Time Stretch…
It is a “mode” of the select/pointer tool.
Click the little tiny arrow below the icon.

Aloha guys,

Great if this works but asking
Does this really work? (In either DAW)?

Would my ear not be able the ‘hear’ the processing going on?
Especially on vox.



It depends there is different ways to stretch or to cut and paste… Which ever you choose, try both, or maybe a combination.

For this small edit i’d use audio->process->time stretch and find a setting that sounds the best by ‘preview’.