How do you switch and Activate between open Projects???

So I’ve searched for an answer to this question but maybe I’m searching off the wrong combination of keywords or something.

The problem is if I already have a Project open in Cubase and then decide I want to open another Project; I am prompted to Activate the subsequent Project. Which obviously the answer in most cases would be “Yes”, at least that’s what I would imagine.

So after affirming Activation, my next Project is opened and I can work to my hearts content; I mean playback, record or whatever. But now I want to switch back to my other Project to listen or work on it or whatever. Surprise!!! I can look at it all day but attempting to play anything plays the content of the 2nd Project I opened although my focus is clearly not on the 2nd Project and I’m not actually viewing nor have intent of working on it at the time.

So I’m thinking its obviously because the Project I am now looking at is not the Active Project. Easy fix right?? Maybe for someone else but I cannot for the life of me figure out how I can activate the current Project receiving focus. I’ve looked all through the toolbar menu’s but cannot find a thing to do that.

Now, I admit that typically if I open a 2nd Project for any reason I have always just closed it when I’m finished and the 1st Project is automatically Activated; so I never noticed this behavior before.

But now I have an actual need/desire to switch between 2 Projects and the 2nd Project appears to trump over the 1st and presumes (I guess) that I don’t want to work of the other Project. WRONG!!!

And by observation of this behavior, I am suspecting if I were to have 4 Projects open (not likely) but if so; that the 4th Project would trump over the prior 3

Someone please point out what I am overlooking. Surely this is not by design. :wink:

Unfortunately in Cubase you can only have one project “active” at a time. Oh well. To switch projects to active you focus on the project and press the "activate project " button located in the upper left of the project window taskbar (the button looks like a clock set to 12 o’clock or a upward facing pac-man).

And yes… this has already been submitted as a feature request.

Regards :sunglasses:

But…I just found out on another thread, that if you have 2 different versions of Cubase, which many of us do by now, I’m told you can actually have both activated at the same time.

So I have 7.5.4 and 8.0.20. and I could have them both open.

Haven’t actually tried it myself because I just heard about it a few minutes ago.

But check out post #7 on this thread:

LOOKS like a thunderbolt dude not like pacman on the upper left side