How do you 'Thank' people in the forum?

I hadn’t noticed this even existed at 1st…then I started noticing users ‘thanking’ each other…I cannot find such a function :confused:

It’s the Thumbs-Up icon in the upper right of the posts.

Or the bottom right, depending on which skin you use I believe.

Indeed! I didn’t even think to check. Thanks Strophoid.

Which out of the 4 skins have you chosen?

Skins? I’m waiting for the punch line on this one :confused:

But thanks :thumbsup: :wink:


Just trying to waken the dead forum society :sunglasses:

If only some of the old ‘spicy’ forum members who’ve been banned were here … or ARE they? :wink: …the Steinberg Forum Cleansing Act (S.F.C.A.) has made it become the anti-spice forum :mrgreen:

Oh, they are here. Lol its funny watching them hide behind their aliases. :wink:

Oh is it that little thumbs up icon in the right corner ??? i never noticed it , maybe i’ll try it one day :wink:

:laughing: you sir have earned yourself a thanks for giving me my first laugh of the day