How do you turn off a plugin instead of bypass in 6.0.5?

In the mix console and channel strip, you used to be able to hold down one of the modifier keys and the plugin would turn off instead of bypass. I can’t figure out how to do that now.

The behavior has changed from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5.


There were times where we had seperate buttons for on/off and bypass. Clear and easy to understand for everybody.

It’s definitely a step backwards not knowing if my plugs are off or bypassed with a fast glance on mixer…


And not only that but I liked the “e” button for opening up the plugin GUI.
It was one click versus double clicking like it is now.

See screenshot


Fredo - ‘turn off’ not ‘bypass’…

The only way I’ve found is to open the plugin and turn it off on the plugin gui.

Out of interest…why do you want to switch them off?
Is your system driven that hard?
I mean, the vst3 plugs have the option"suspend processing when no audio…", already,
which is doing an adequate job, here.
Just asking…

Big K


This whole new mixer rubbish is the reason my Nuendo updates have ended now for good. I stay on 5 as long as possible and look for alternatives.

Fredo, that bypasses the plug. How do you turn it off?



You have to open the plugin for that.
But I’m kinda with Big K about this. Turning off a plugin is far outside any normal workflow that it doesn’t seem to be logical that this function needs to be accessible from within the mixer.
Unless I miss something important …


Errr … more often than not, when working on a mix, I have several plug-ins inside a channel which I want to be there when I need them, without using CPU power (e.g. when deciding between two plug-ins for the same task, or as memo, or for a different version of the same mix). Now imagine this for a whole ensemble of tracks (choirs, anyone?), and then you will understand why opening the editor for each and every channel is more than just tedious.

Yes, as Dietz said.

I must simply work differently than you, as it is in my “normal” workflow daily.
Why would you guys remove a feature that’s been in the mixer and channel strip for years???
Especially as its just a modifier key now.

Are you sure it’s not just a mess up or oversight?
It really should/needs to come back.


I should add: When I open a session I worked on previously, a plug-in that’s just bypassed means for me: “It’s used, but there’s bypass-automation applied somewhere along the line:” A de-activated plug-in is just that: unused.

… these two functions serve different purposes.

+1. Very true for my workflow as well.

In the inspector you can deactivate (turn off) a plugin by holding Alt or Option and clicking on the bypass. Haven’t tried it in the mixer, but maybe that works? May still be a hassle, but less so than having to open the plugin. I too use the “off” means “off” and bypass means “automated” in my workflow. My stuff is far less complex than the mixing projects that the other commenters are working on, but the “off” vs “bypass” is still a very easy way to understand when revisiting a project, particularly if I am jumping around songwriting projects and A/B/C-ing things like amp models, or where I have used different amp models for different passes and want to use off vs bypass.

Hi Scott717,

They changed the behavior in 6.0.5. You can no longer hold down a modifier key to turn off a plugin.
That’s what this thread is about.


I wouldn’t go as far as that, but the new N6 mixer is a permanent thorn in my side, too.
If there is no change to something more usable ( like in N5 ) there is no reason for me to upgrade any
further since I still keep using N5. It’ll be hard to miss out on all those new features, but hey…

I miss the “e” button a lot, as well, but strangely enough i never used this plugin-off function you miss.
. Disabling the plugs instead of switching them off produced never a noticeable load on my systems.
Otoh, I am not an excessive user of FX.

But of course you should demand this plug-off function back. You use it… You need it!
Taking out such features is often calling for trouble as we see this here quite clearly.
SB should inform us about those dropped functions, as well. Even better, they shouldn’t kick them out, itfp.

Cheers, Big K

Option Click on the Mac until the plugin turns Black …is this truly turning it off, and saving resources ??

Hey John1192,

Sorry, but if you read the thread you’ll discover that it no longer works in 6.0.5.
Unless it works for you somehow??

Sorry about that… I should read more carefully. It is silly to take that function away IMO.